let's be blunt: i want to bang jay mcguiness
I basically think that the sun shines out of Jay's ass.


4/ people that cause me physical pain: Jay McGuiness

It’s been a month and I’m terrible at keeping up with this thing..but I’ve spent the past few days following the boys on their last few days of tour…needless to say I’m a bit sad so I thought I would see how everyone else is doing

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You're the only one that I can see from afar,

Anonymous asked: "Do you feel like the fandom is falling apart like so many other people? Also, your blog is perfect!"

I’m not really sure to be honest? I haven’t really been involved with many things The Wanted related because I’ve been so busy. But from what I’ve seen things have been pretty dramatic lately?  Someone should probably fill me in with what’s been happening?

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Dating Jay is probably 50% screaming in pain from gut wrenching laughter and 50% screaming in pleasure from really great sex. Ain’t that the life.